Certified Chaplain Training

Emet Global Theological Seminary and College

is an Accredited ​CTI Affiliate Training Institution offering a course in


Training Course for New Chaplains!

Refresher Course for Seasoned Chaplains!


Emet Global Theological Seminary and College, a CTI fully accredited Chaplaincy Training Institute is committed to being a leader in chaplain training, helping ministers of the gospel of Christ gain the skills they need to be successful as industrial chaplains.

If you are seeking chaplain certification as a part of your college curriculum, at EMET CTI, we can help you achieve your goal. Our training program is excellent for students who are chaplains or a new student enrolling in chaplain certification training for the first time.

Our Chaplaincy Students are provided with a rewarding educational experience. You too, can seize the opportunity to earn your Basic Certification as a qualified institutional chaplain by enrolling with us.