Global Chaplains Alliance, Inc. (GCA) is a Non-Profit Organization registered in the State of Georgia, USA.

We are a network of chaplains helping chaplains in whatever area we can. Chaplains face adversities, lack of support and dark times in their lives too. It is the aim of Global Chaplains Alliance to have a network of chaplains across the globe to assist each other in times of need.

Global Chaplains Alliance, Inc. is non-denominational and an inter faith organization. We stand ready to serve and support our fellow chaplains regardless of their religion or denomination. Chaplains put their lives on the line each day to help families and communities in times of need so GCA is committed to creating a network of chaplains who share the same commitment in being ready to assist each other when needed.


In May 2019, chaplain Monica Dennis-Jones from the United States of America was standing at the bedside of her dying brother in London, England. Needing a shoulder to lean on but being a stranger to everyone there, in her desperation she called out for the hospital's chaplain. The chaplain came to her side and provided the comfort she sought. Upon returning to the USA, Chaplain Dennis-Jones decided to form a network of chaplains to provide assistance to other chaplains wherever they are visiting. She connected with other chaplains and shared the idea and very soon Global Chaplains Alliance was formed.


Monica Dennis-Jones, Ph.D, Ed.D


Rev. Wil Williamson

Vice President

Sidonia Osbourne, Ph.D


Rev. Monica Harris-Blackshear


Delroy Lingo, Ph.D