From The General's Desk


I am humbled, yet delighted to welcome you to Global Chaplains Alliance (GCA). As Chaplains we are called to serve and that's a privilege. Chaplains give of themselves every day as they provide spiritual care for those outside the walls of the house of worship and especially to those in crisis. Chaplaincy is serious business!

GCA Chaplains are trained to provide Biblical counseling and spiritual pastoral care to those whom they serve. They are also members of the Clergy who can perform marriages, funerals, babies dedications, and other ministerial functions as allowed by the individual States, territories and Countries. Therefore, we are honored to have your organization, institution or agency partner with us in using the services of our chaplains in your establishment.

For those who are not yet Chaplains, we would love to have you come on board with us. Our aim is to have commissioned Chaplains on every continent and in every country across the globe. Do you feel a tug at your heart to minister to folks outside of the church or house of worship? Then, Chaplaincy may just be the answer. Let's get you trained and off to ministry!

Chaplains, we are needed. Take your candle and GO LIGHT YOUR WORLD!



Monica Dennis-Jones